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  • Alameda County Firefighters, IAFF Local 55

  • The East Bay Times

  • Albany Democratic Club

  • Bay Area Reporter

  • Berkeley Democratic Club

  • Cal Berkeley Democratic Club

  • California YIMBY

  • California Mountain Biking Coalition

  • East Bay Animal PAC

  • East Bay 4 Everyone

  • East Bay Stonewall Democratic Club

  • East Bay YIMBY

  • Equality California

  • Housing Action Coalition

  • LGBTQ+ Victory Fund

  • Nor Cal Carpenters Union

  • The Sierra Club

  • 350 Bay Area Action


  • California State Controller (ret.) Betty Yee

  • California State Senator Scott Wiener

  • California State Assemblymember Mia Bonta

  • California State Assemblymember Buffy Wicks

  • California State Assemblymember Rick Chavez Zbur, Democratic Caucus Chair

  • California State Assemblymember Marc Berman

  • California State Assemblymember Damon Connolly

  • California State Assemblymember Chris Ward


  • Alameda County Supervisor Elisa Márquez

  • Contra Costa County Supervisor John Gioia

  • Marin County Supervisor Katie Rice

  • San Francisco Supervisor Myrna Melgar

  • Solano County Supervisor Erin Hannigan

  • Sonoma County Supervisor Lynda Hopkins

  • Alameda Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft

  • Albany Mayor John Anthony Miki

  • Dublin Mayor Melissa Hernandez

  • Emeryville Mayor Courtney Welch

  • Hayward Mayor Mark Salinas

  • Livermore Mayor John Marchand

  • Newark Mayor Mike Hannon

  • Piedmont Mayor Jen Cavenaugh

  • Pleasanton Mayor Karla Brown

  • San Leandro Mayor Juan González III

  • Union City Mayor Carol-Dutra Vernaci

  • Alameda City Councilmember Malia Vella

  • Albany City Councilmember Preston Jordan

  • Albany City Councilmember Aaron Tiedeman

  • Berkeley Vice Mayor Susan Wengraf

  • Berkeley City Councilmember Mark Humbert

  • Berkeley City Councilmember Rashi Kesarwani

  • Berkeley City Councilmember Terry Taplin

  • Belmont City Councilmember Davina Hurt

  • Emeryville Vice Mayor David Mourra

  • Emeryville City Councilmember Sukhdeep Kaur

  • Piedmont City Councilmember Conna McCarthy

  • Tracy City Councilmember Dan Arriola

  • Alameda Unified School District Board Trustee Ryan LaLonde

  • Albany Unified School District Board Trustee Sadia Khan

  • Emery Unified School District Board Trustee John Van Geffen

  • San Leandro Unified School District Board Trustee James Aguilar

  • BART Board Director Bevan Dufty

  • BART Board Director Rebecca Saltzman

  • AC Transit Board President Joel Young

  • Albany Mayor (ret.) Peggy McQuaid

  • Cupertino Mayor (ret.) Rod Sinks

  • Hayward Mayor (ret.) Barbara Halliday

  • Emeryville Mayor (ret.) Jacqueline Asher

  • Emeryville Mayor (ret.) Scott Donahue

  • Emeryville Mayor (ret.) Dianne Martinez

  • Emeryville Mayor (ret.) Ally Medina

  • San Leandro Mayor (ret.) Pauline Cutter

  • Alameda City Councilmember (ret.) Jim Oddie

  • Berkeley City Councilmember (ret.) Lori Droste

  • Berkeley City Councilmember (ret.) Rigel Robinson

  • Berkeley City Councilmember (ret.) Gordon Wozniak


  • Berkeley Food Network Executive Director Chuck Fanning*

  • Oakland & the World Enterprises Founder Elaine Brown*

  • Port of Oakland Commissioner Michael Colbruno*

  • Solano Avenue Business Improvement District Advisory Board Member Todd Andrew*

*Titles and affiliations for identification purposes only.

Statements of Support


Alameda County Firefighters Association IAFF 55 Logo.png


"Alameda County Firefighters are proud to support John Bauters for Alameda County Supervisor. John has worked alongside first responders as a disaster relief director and understands what responders need to keep our communities safe. With years of partnership together, we are confident that the future of public safety in Alameda County is best served with John as County Supervisor.”

East Bay Times Logo.png


"The standout, and our recommendation, is John Bauters, who has repeatedly demonstrated his thoughtful leadership skills as a member of the Emeryville City Council and chair of the boards of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and Alameda County Transportation Commission...Few local officials work as hard or have as much energy as Bauters. He has a track record of influencing meaningful change while earning the respect of his colleagues...Bauters has a reputation for showing up well-prepared and as someone who listens and builds coalitions.”

Housing Action Coalition Logo.png


“It’s critical we have pro-housing leaders on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors. John Bauters represents precisely the kind of new leadership we need. We know that John will be at the tip of the spear in the fight to build more housing — especially housing that is affordable. This will not only be good for solving our housing crisis — but it will also create more good jobs and strengthen our regional economy. For these reasons, among others, we are proud to endorse John Bauters for Alameda County Supervisor.”

EQCA23_Endorse2024Shield_v1 (1).png


"Equality California is proud to endorse John Bauters for Alameda County Supervisor. John's unwavering commitment to civil rights, housing affordability, and justice for all make him the best choice in this election. We are confident that John will be a powerful advocate for all of our communities, and his leadership will pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable future for Alameda County."

Nor Cal Carpenters Logo.png


“To solve California’s housing affordability crisis, we need pro-housing champions like John Bauters on the Board of Supervisors. John has a proven record of building more affordable housing in Emeryville, and he will fight to produce, preserve, and protect affordable housing countywide as Supervisor. NorCal Carpenters strongly support John Bauters as the best candidate to deliver real housing solutions for Alameda County.”

Sierra Club Endorsement Seal_Color-1.png


"The Sierra Club is proud to support John Bauters for Alameda County Supervisor. Through his work at the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, John has enacted some of the most stringent refinery emissions regulations in the country and promoted clean-fuel transportation to combat pollution. John's commitment to environmental justice and bold climate action will help make Alameda County a national leader in the fight against climate change."

Albany Democratic Club Logo FINAL.png


"The Albany Democratic Club strongly supports John Bauters for County Supervisor. John will strengthen the County’s social safety net and has the clearest vision for a safer and more sustainable Alameda County. With a proven track record of delivering real results on the Emeryville city council and in regional bodies, John is the best prepared to serve Albany and the entire 5th District on the Board of Supervisors."

Berkeley Democratic Club.jpeg


"The Berkeley Democratic Club endorses John Bauters for Alameda County Supervisor. The BDC values John's fearless-driven leadership, standing up for mental health, social justice, and climate action, and his track record of making communities more sustainable. Berkeley and the 5th District deserve representation that includes all of us. With John as Supervisor, Berkeley Democrats have confidence in the future of Alameda County."



“Alameda County is my home, and we need real change right now. That’s why I’m proud to endorse John Bauters for Supervisor and urge my neighbors to join me in supporting his campaign. John is a proven champion for public safety, affordable housing, bold climate action, and an economy that works for working families. I’m with John 100% because I know he will work to deliver results."

Scott Wiener.jpeg


“John Bauters is the pro-housing champion Alameda County needs to tackle the Bay Area’s affordability crisis. On the Board of Supervisors, I know John will fight to invest in housing, transportation, and public health to create the future that working families across our region deserve. His record of real results on our state's greatest challenges make John the best candidate for the job. I'm thrilled to support his campaign and look forward to our continued work together."

Mia Bonta.jpg


“John Bauters has my full support in the race for Alameda County Supervisor. John has spent his career working to build a brighter future for the East Bay. He is exactly the type of leader we need fighting for working families, expanding access to quality healthcare, and creating safer communities for all on the Board of Supervisors.”

Buffy Wicks.jpeg


“I’m proud to support John Bauters for Supervisor. John has been a great partner in our fight to solve the East Bay’s housing affordability crisis, and he has been a champion for gun safety reform, climate action, and reproductive justice. We need John’s leadership on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, and I’m excited to vote for him on March 5.

John Miki.jpeg


"As Mayor of Albany, I have the privilege of representing one of the friendliest and most pragmatic communities in Alameda County. Albany's residents and leaders support our local public safety officials, access to culturally competent health care services, and a vision of mutual prosperity founded on the values of inclusivity and community. I endorse John Bauters for County Supervisor because he shares our community's values and has a vision for Alameda County that is inclusive of Albany's residents and businesses."

Susan Wengraf.png


"I am proud to endorse John Bauters for Alameda County Supervisor. Having worked with John for close to a decade, I trust him with the safety of Berkeley and Alameda County residents. Now more than ever, we need empathetic leaders who will guide the county on safety, preparedness, and mental health services. Berkeley's residents and businesses should support John for Alameda County Supervisor of District 5."

Courtney Welch.jpeg


"As a formerly homeless mother of two children, and someone who has worked with John Bauters to get the unhoused off our streets and connected with the housing, support services, and treatment they need, I’m proud to support his campaign. John has dedicated his life to public service, and he is exactly the type of leader we need on the Board of Supervisors to create safer, healthier communities across Alameda County. I’m with John 100%.”

Jen Cavenaugh.png


“John Bauters is a champion for public safety, affordable housing, and equity for women, and I wholeheartedly support his campaign for Supervisor. I know that John will be an invaluable partner to the City of Piedmont and deliver real change for our communities. I urge my neighbors to join me in voting John Bauters for Alameda County Supervisor.”

Libby Schaaf.jpeg


"Alameda County needs leaders who will work to expand smart housing that is affordable, urgently address homelessness, fight to protect clean air and water, and be a voice for working people. I know John Bauters will be an extraordinary leader who will champion these issues and more on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors. John has the background, experience, profound work ethic and deep understanding of public policy that is needed to hit the ground running on day one as Supervisor. John has my enthusiastic support and endorsement."

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